Sample Apparel Fittings

You are invited to the Snowshoe Run With Laura sample apparel fittings! There are two fittings to choose from. Both are this week:
1) Wednesday, October 15th, 6–7:30pm in NE Bend
2) Sunday, October 19th, 1–2:30pm in West Bend.  This is the FINAL fitting.
Email for location address.

A variety of sample items will be available in various sizes. Champ Sys (the manufacturer) does not provide full size runs but there will be enough items that you can compare Champ Sys sizing with your favorite tights, tops or jacket. Feel free to bring your current apparel if you’d like to compare size and fit.

A few things to think about when trying on the sample items:
1. Since we don’t have full size runs, please try on the size(s) that we do have and use the sizing charts provided in the folder at the fitting to determine the correct size to order (we will provide a measuring ruler/tape).

2. Please keep track of what apparel and sizes you would like to order as you will order these items online at a later date. This is important because ALL SALES ARE FINAL due to the custom graphics.

3. Depending on the fabric, the samples are running large or small so please don’t assume that just because you wear a large in one garment that you will be a large in another garment.

4. We will also be ordering Snowshoe Run With Laura long sleeve Sugoi shirts in the near future and there will be a separate fitting for them. We apologize for not having all samples at the same time, but were unable to make this happen. They will have the same design as the Champ Sys shirts, but obviously will be a different brand, therefore, providing a different fit.


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