The Store is Open!

Order your Snowshoe Run with Laura kit now.

Our online store at Champ Sys is ready for business.    Be sure to read carefully through this entire post for the information and details you need.    There is some exciting news at the end for those of you who want a zippered version of the mock turtleneck.

First, remember this order is for custom apparel so there will be no refunds, returns or credits (though you may sell a mis-sized item to a member and re-order the next time around).

ORDERING CLOSES ON NOVEMBER 6, 2014, at midnight, with no changes to the order after this date.

6 to 8 weeks after the order closes the club’s entire order will be shipped to Sarah.  We’ll then coordinate distribution.

Please post your questions below or on the Facebook group page so that everyone can benefit from the shared knowledge.


A second order will be placed after this initial order is delivered.  To keep these prices, we must meet a minimum of 10 main items (such as jackets, tops and tights) per order so you may choose to spread out your items between the two orders so that we can meet the minimum each time – such as a tights now but later a zippered Mock Turtleneck which is being developed by Champ Sys at our request.  Or you may simply want to spread out your expenditures between the two orders.


  1. Log in with the temporary login and password given below
  2. Set up your personal account with your email and password for use with this order and all personal records
  3. Go through all of the items to see product information and sizing.   There is a wide variety of items including tops, jerseys, jackets, tights, caps, a bag and even a teeny-tiny jersey.
  4. Place your order
  5. Check out when you are finished ordering or your item will not go into the production queue.   Orders must be paid in full and any “saved” but not checked out orders will not be placed into production.

And, finally, the exciting news about a ZIPPERED MOCK TURTLENECK!!!  Many people loved the mock turtleneck for its yummy fleeciness which is perfect for cold weather running but wanted a zipper option.  Champ Sys listened and is working on a prototype!  This new and improved mock T won’t be available for our first order but is expected to be for the second.  For those of you who missed this item in the samples, it is similar in weight and warmth to the equally scrumptious fleece rowing tights.

The proofs for a few popular items:

Run Top for websiteRow Tights for WebCaps for Website

 Ok, GO!  Shoey is waiting for you.


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