I’m excited to announce that Snowshoe Run With Laura is now an event of Central Oregon Running Klub! Similar to CORK’s popular Hot Chocolate Runs, Snowshoe Run With Laura is another option for runners to stay active and motivated to keep running through the winter.

Snowshoe Run With Laura will stay the same. The name, the people; the low-key, welcoming, and all-inclusive nature; friends, and fun. We’ll keep the Facebook page and this website. I’m still at the helm. You’ll see the same friendly faces, and will meet a lot of new friends.

Oh, but now we can’t have alcohol at our runs! Not that we ever did. But that doesn’t mean we can’t go out to celebrate afterward!

Just like the Hot Chocolate Runs, CORK membership is not required to participate. CORK events are open to everyone, but I do encourage you to consider becoming a member if you aren’t already.
10 Reasons to join CORK

Snowshoe runs will change from weekly to twice a month, on 1st and 3rd Saturdays. This change would have happened regardless, as having them every week was a lot of work! Between the bi-monthly CORK Snowshoe Run With Laura events, you are welcome to organize your own runs with friends on the Snowshoe Run With Laura Facebook group.

Over a few short years, what began with a small group of friends has grown beyond my wildest imagination and positively affected so many lives. It’s time to take Snowshoe Run With Laura to the next level. I’m excited to be part of Central Oregon Running Klub’s winter offerings and am grateful for its support. I’m not just a snowshoe runner; I’m also a CORK Board member. Together we can do so much.

Now we just need snow! See you soon,
–Laura Kantor


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