Bessie’s A Beaut, and Horse is too!


Beaut, Butte. Get it? 😉

Since there’s still no new snow, we’ll do this dirt trail run, an out-and-back with a butte hike at each end. It’s 7.2 miles if you do the whole enchilada, or choose your own distance by turning around at any time.

We’ll park at the base of Bessie Butte and take the trail up to the top and back down. That’s ~1.5 miles. Then we’ll run right by our cars and hop on the Swamp Wells trail out to Horse Butte. The trail is easy terrain and very gentle. Hike up Horse Butte, then turn around and head back to our cars at Bessie.

Though you can turn around at any time for a shorter run, I highly recommend the whole shebang, which at just over 7 miles *includes* summiting both Bessie and Horse Buttes. From the top of Bessie, you can see Horse, and from the top of Horse, you can see Bessie. It’s pretty amazing to see where you’ve come from and where you’re going. It feels a little exciting and adventurous.

Who does cool stuff like this? YOU DO!!! If, like me, you’ve had a trying week, come out with us and feel empowered. Today I hike-jogged the route in just over 2 hours.

If it’s windy, you’ll want a windbreaker and gloves. I was very glad I had both today!

Meet at 8:30am, in the Bend Fred Meyer parking lot, north of the Freddie’s gas station; park along 3rd Street. Carpool/caravan will leave there at 8:40, and we’ll be on the trail by 9am.


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