Welcome to Cascade Snowshoe Runners

Winter is on its way and it is time to start thinking about snowshoe running!

As previously posted, we have a few changes this year.

First, we are excited to announce our new group name: Cascade
Snowshoe Runners
.  Our Saturday running events will be called Saturdays with Shoey.

Our spirit and vision have not changed at all, just our name. We honor and thank our founder Laura as she pursues new adventures this year. We hope to have a few “Laura sightings” at our events throughout the winter.

Secondly, we are happily returning to weekly runs. We will meet every Saturday at the west side Safeway at 8:30 AM to carpool. We typically gather near the Starbucks coffee stand inside the Safeway store. Our tentative start date is Saturday December 12th snow permitting.

Lastly, put on your dancing shoes and start the1891289_10203200340512287_727794098_n - Copy snow dance ASAP! After a summer playing in the dirt, we are looking forward to reconnecting with all of you this winter.

Keep checking in for updates.  You can get emailed updates from this website clicking on the link to left.  Daily chatter happens over at our new Facebook page here.


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