You have questions. We have answers.

What: Group snowshoe runs, focusing on running with periodic hike breaks. Run just for fun and to stay in shape through the winter, or train for an area snowshoe fun run or race. Our focus is on fun and fitness. Runs are open to all experience levels and running paces. If you can run without snowshoes, you can run with them. It’s simple to do, fun, and a great workout. Come run with our fun and supportive group!

When:  Snow permitting, Saturdays December through March. Meet 8:30am at the Starbucks coffee area inside the Safeway on Century Drive unless otherwise posted. We’ll leave at 8:40, carpooling to that week’s run location. We try to post each event by Thursday evening, with all pertinent information.

Where: Wherever there’s enough snow! Every week will be a new trail or destination. There will be lots of variety and beautiful places to see. Spots we’ve visited include Tumalo Falls, the Meissner, Nordeen and Swampy Lakes shelters, Todd Lake, and Vista Butte. We’ve also done a full moon run, and some of us travel to snowshoe races in the area.

How much does it cost?   Nothing! Group Runs are completely free.

Do I need to be a member of Central Oregon Running Klub to participate?  Anyone can join in these group runs. Though you don’t need to be a member of CORK, we encourage you to consider becoming a member if you aren’t already.

What gear will I need?  You’ll want specialized running snowshoes and gaiters. Up-to-your-knees hiking gaiters will work fine, but you may want to spring for a pair of smaller, low-profile gaiters. Gore-Tex running shoes are ideal and will keep your feet warmer and drier, but many people wear their regular running shoes with warm, wicking socks. Bring your hydration pack or waist pack with water bottle and a snack. If you run outside in winter, you probably already have all the clothing you need. Dress in light layers on top, warm running tights, hat, and warm gloves or mittens.  A “Buff” to pull up over your mouth and nose comes in handy on colder or windy days. You should be chilly before you start running as you will warm up quickly!

Can I run in my regular snowshoes? You are welcome to give it a try. Since hiking snowshoes are larger, bulkier, and heavier, it will be more work. I liken it to running in hiking boots versus racing flats. For the full lightweight-running experience, rent a pair of running snowshoes before deciding if you want to buy. You’ll notice a huge difference.

Can I wear running snowshoes for hiking? Of course! Especially if you tend to stick mostly to the snowshoe trails. I would not recommend them for backcountry hiking or with a heavy pack. Hiking snowshoes provide more flotation on unpacked snow.

Can I bring my dog to the Group Runs? Thank you for leaving your dogs at home for the group runs. Many places we run do not allow dogs.

Where can my dog run with me? Dogs are allowed at the Sno-Parks on the south side of the Cascade Lakes Highway: Wanoga, Edison, and Kapka Butte. Additionally, they are allowed on the trails from Skyliner trailhead and the road to Tumalo Falls (gated in winter). See our Trail Maps page for more info through DogPAC. With enough snow in town, the forest roads around Phil’s and the south end of Shevlin Park (FS Rd 4606) are also good choices.


  • Carry water and gels or a snack.
  • Hat and warm gloves, and other weather-appropriate clothing.
  • No bare legs or ankles.
  • Safety whistle (plastic) highly recommended.
  • Sno-Park permit, available at the DMV and local ski shops.

Where can I get the gear I need?  Our local running shops do an amazing job supporting our habit and we encourage you to visit them.  Although snowshoes may seem like a significant expense, you will be able to use them for many, many years. Snowshoe running is “grab and go” winter sports convenience at its best: no need for tune-ups or wax!  Both shops have “frequent buyer” rewards programs.

Rentals:  Currently these are the only two places in town that rent running snowshoes.  Both stores will apply rental toward purchase, so feel free to rent to try them out before you buy. Call the store(s) for details and to reserve ahead of time.


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